3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

Today we’re making a three must try healthy breakfast, they’re all paleo delicious and easy to make. Let’s go ahead and get started, so the first thing we’re gonna be making are some nut free pancakes. I’m starting off with a little bit of almond milk and I’m adding in some apple cider

vinegar that is my trick to making really fluffy pancakes, I’m starting off with coconut oil for the base adding in some vanilla for flavor along with three eggs eggs are phenomenal because they’re really rich in choline. All the yolks have these amazing amino acids and healthy fats that fuel your brain, they’re gonna help keep you full and satiated plus, they make it taste delicious so whisk together the eggs the vanilla and the coconut oil, and then add in your almond milk that had the apple cider vinegar in it.

I’m adding in some coconut flour as well as sim baking soda and you’re just gonna whisk that together until everything is nice and combined. Heat up a pan to medium heat and then I’m using a 1/4 cup measure just to make sure that the pancakes are all the same size and once they bubble on the top, and they’re set on the edges.

3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

Go ahead and flip them over and cook them for about another 30 seconds and these are so wonderfully fluffy you can top them however you like, I generally like ghee or a little bit of fresh fruit next up we’re making a low carb breakfast Bowl. I’ve been having this so much so I’m gonna start off by poaching some eggs. I just put them into boiling water that has a little bit of vinegar in it, while those are poaching I’m adding in some arugula and spinach which has lots of essential minerals in it.

Adding in a few grape tomatoes for some color and tomatoes have also many vitamins in them, as well avocado for healthy fats which are gonna help keep us full and help us be satiating. And then I take out my poached eggs when they’re done and you have.

This beautiful easy quick low-carb Bowl I finish it off with a little bit of olive oil right before I’m about to eat it, but this is definitely something I prep as well and we’re making a paleo cereal bowl at home. So this is everything you’re going to need.

I’m starting off with some frozen raspberries but you can do any kind of frozen berry you can also do fresh berries as well, but I really like the cold frozen I’m adding in some coconut flakes and some hemp. Seeds have lots of omega-3s which are really important for a healthy brain, and you can basically add whatever you want into the cereal. I’m basically just adding in different nuts seeds and nut butter to kind of make my own paleo style cereal that’s really quick easy to make and inexpensive. Just throw it together your favorite nuts and seeds and a little bit of fresh fruit add some almond milk, and you’ll be good to go, this is also really good for a lighter breakfast or a quick snack.

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