7 Foods You Should Eat Before Sleeping

There are many snacks, food and drinks that can affect your sleep, especially if you take them just before bedtime. From drinks that contain caffeine to reassuring and very comfortable meals, there is no snack time. So what food is really beneficial before it reaches the hay?



If you can’t fall asleep without a snack before bed, a banana is a good option. Bananas contain tryptophan, which you know takes a nap after eating turkey and potassium, a less well-known sleeping aid.

Cherry juice

It is good for you in many ways, but did you know that cherry juice can promote better sleep? It is one of many foods that can stimulate melatonin, a natural hormone that makes you sleepy. Of course it is also available in the hall, but why not do a double task and start with a delicious drink?

Salmon or Tuna

They may not be what you are trying to fill your stomach just before bedtime, but if you eat salmon or tuna for a late dinner or snack, you better sleep.
These healthy fish contain tryptophan, but also a lot of vitamin B6, which produces melatonin, which is very important for sleepiness and sleep at night.

Leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables

The best way to prepare your sleep for your last meal of the day is to throw salmon or tuna over a leafy vegetable and turn it into a salad. Powerful leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, kale and charcoal are a good source of calcium that your body must produce and fall asleep with melatonin.

Sweet potatoes

Do you need a way to supplement your salmon salad and prepare a complete meal that improves your sleep? Add a side of sweet potatoes that not only contain complex carbohydrates that help you sleep better, but also a dose of potassium. They are also versatile. Roast them, cook them, make them sweet or savory, the possibilities are wonderfully endless.



Kiwi is another fruit that helps you to rest peacefully at night. Norwegian researchers have found that eating kiwi about an hour before bedtime helps them sleep better than a pear whose nutritional value is very different from that of a kiwi and therefore offers good control.

Researchers think this is probably due to the antioxidant composition of kiwis, including serotonin, a chemical that believes it will sleep faster and sleep better.

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