Eating Soluble Fiber Can Make Your Heart Healthy

For good health, your body needs fiber, which you can get by eating a variety of foods like these.

Fiber is generally classified into two types: insoluble, and soluble. Within each of these types of fiber, you’ll find specific fibers that have different health benefits. Today, we’re going to focus on soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that can help you lower your blood cholesterol level. You can find soluble fiber in many fruits, vegetables, and grains. Among foods that are a source of soluble fiber, whole grain oats contain a particular form, known as Beta Glucan.

Scientists are still unraveling the details, but here’s how we think Beta Glucan works to help lower cholesterol. Once whole grain oats are digested, the soluble fiber known as Beta Glucan works its way through your digestive system along with cholesterol and nutrients from other foods that you eat. Beta Glucan from whole grain oats (bell rings) mixes with water to form a gel. This gel works in two ways. It helps naturally remove (chimes ring) some cholesterol from the body, and also helps block cholesterol absorption.

Eating Soluble Fiber Can Make Your Heart Healthy

These are only two of the many ways that soluble fiber is thought to help lower cholesterol. Getting more soluble fiber in your diet is easy. Here are a few tasty ways. Make whole grain cereals that contain soluble fiber part of your breakfast routine. Slice fresh fruit over your cereal at breakfast, and eat fruit for snacks! Switch out a slice of white bread to whole grain bread made with rye or oats.

Add veggies to sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and other entrees, salads, and spaghetti sauce. Make soup, chili, and enchiladas with beans.To find packaged foods that contain soluble fiber, look on the Nutrition Facts panel. Some will list the amount of soluble fiber here in the section under Total Carbohydrate and Fiber. So go ahead, get your fill of soluble fiber!

We’ve talked about soluble fiber, but remember to get both types of fiber from a variety of foods to reap all their health benefits.

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