Fast Food Will Affect Your Eatting Way Forever

Whether your fast food habits include lunch every day or breakfast once a week, a daily coffee or an occasional treat, we’re serving up something just for you. Some of these tips and tricks save you money, and some even save the planet! Here are the hacks that will forever change how you do your fast food fix.

Upgraded Chipotle

If you walk away from Chipotle still feeling hungry, you’re doing it wrong. According to Business Insider, you get the most bang for your buck by ordering the burrito bowl. Just ask for a tortilla on the side it’s free. Also free?

Extra rice, beans, and fajita vegetables. But famously not free, of course, is that extra guacamole. You can also get free protein by asking for half steak, half chicken since most employees fill the scoops more than halfway. You could do the math…or you could chow down on some delicious Chipotle.

The V-cut Subway sando

According to Quora, Subway used to cut their sandwich rolls very differently before the year 2000. Instead of cutting them in half, straight across, they cut a V into the roll leaving a wedge-shaped top and a more stable bottom that held up to the fillings much better. Ask for the V-cut at Subway or any other sub shop that bakes and cuts their own rolls.

Fast Food Will Affect Your Eatting Way Forever

Gettin’ saucy at McDonald’s

Like many fast food joints, prices at McDonald’s can vary a lot. And ordering a 10-piece McNuggets instead of, say, two 4-piece orders doesn’t actually offer you much savings per nugget. According to LA Weekly, the real benefit comes with the sauce. McDonald’s charges for extra sauce, but you’ll get one with each 4-piece nuggets you order. In most places, that’s gonna work in your favor especially if you’re the type that double-dips!

Venti water at Starbucks

There’s a super-easy trick to getting filtered water for free from Starbucks: Just ask for a Venti ice water! According to Teen Vogue, Starbucks uses filtered water for their coffee, and that’s the stuff you’ll get when you ask for a water. It’ll be free, and you’ll be helping the environment by skipping the bottled stuff, and reusing your cup.

The ketchup cup trick

If you love ketchup, you’ve probably used one of those ridiculously tiny paper ketchup cups. Frustrated just thinking about it? We’ve got your answer. In 2012, FoodBeast writer and co-founder Elie Ayrouth said his life was changed forever when a friend showed him how to unfold the cup so it fits enough ketchup for fries and burgers, too.

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