How to Make Healthy Trix Cereal as Breakfast

Today we are making healthy tricks cereal, it’s paleo, it’s free refined sugars naturally sweetened and no artificial colors which is super important so I’m starting off with some almond flour great high in fiber healthy fats which are gonna keep you full and reduced cravings. So you don’t get cravings for the sugary carby cereals like they’re regular tricks adding an tapioca flour as well as coconut sugar which is my staple sugar because it’s unrefined and has a lower glycemic index a little bit of baking powder which is just gonna help them kind of puff up.

So then we’re going to mix all of our dry ingredients together and I will leave all the other healthified recipes so if you haven’t seen those adding in an egg and some coconut oil and then I’m going to add in some vanilla just for a little bit of flavor to these so they have a nice undertone basis things. You need to mix that all together until you get a nice crumbly dough so this is what’s gonna be the basis of our cereal, and then in order to get the colors and the flavors.

How to Make Healthy Trix Cereal as Breakfast

We’re going to be adding in freeze-dried fruit so these are freeze-dried strawberries as you can see here and I’m doing four different flavors so I did strawberry, banana and peach and mint to the peach. I just added a little bit of spirulina for color to make it pretty, but that part is totally optional then you’re gonna need about a tablespoon or heaping tablespoon of each of the finely ground freezer dried fruit, so I just blended it in my processor and then you get all the different powders.

Now the great thing about this is it’s so concentrated to fruit flavor but because it’s not dried fruit and it’s powdered, it really absorbs into the dough so you’re just gonna stir that together and incorporate the freeze-dried fruit into your dough and guys. The color payoff and the flavor is so good so once it’s fully combined. I’m just going to take a little bit and make my little trick shapes so you can make them as small or as large as you like. Don’t make them too large, but I would say a half a teaspoon, to a teaspoon your patience will probably run out a little bit like minded, so they got a little bit bigger towards the end but these are all the different colors we bake them at 325 for 15 minutes.

So there you have your paleo Trix cereal it was super easy to make it’s just a bit time-consuming to make the balls but I love that there’s no artificial stuff in there no high fructose corn syrup no artificial colors. It all comes naturally from the fruit and as a sweetness to so.

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