Quick Bento Lunches with Ham + Cheese + Veggies

Today I wanna share with you how I pack a balanced lunch for the kids super fast. I love Bento Boxes or lunch boxes with divided containers because they help me assemble a healthy lunch with the variety my kids love and the nutrition they need. With three picky eaters, I know a thing or two about my kids not always wanting to eat veggies. But I feel strongly that they should try to get more veggies throughout the day at other meal times instead of just at dinner.

And something I love adding to the kids’ school lunches are Libby’s vegetable cups. They are single-serve and super convenient to pack. Sometimes I send the carrots, sometimes I send the corn, other days the peas. The important part is that everyday I aim to include a vegetable on the side for lunch. So I’m gonna dice some strawberries that I’m going to combine with some blueberries in this bowl and then transfer them inside the lunch container.

Quick Bento Lunches with Ham + Cheese + Veggies

In this compartment I’m gonna place my Libby’s vegetable cup. You can send it sealed or with younger kids, you can simply drain the water out and place a vegetable cup inside the lunchbox. One of my kids love carrots and another one loves corn so that’s what’s going in there today. As you can see, Libby’s vegetable cups are super convenient and can be tossed in lunchboxes or straight into the lunch bags on even the busiest mornings when you need to pack lunch in a hurry.

In the smaller compartment I’m going to add some whole grain crackers. And then continuing on with this lunch is the main protein item, the turkey and cheddar roll-ups. I simply place some turkey slices on the counter, top it with my cheddar cheese and roll it up. What’s great is that this lunch can be packed ahead of time and in the morning, I just add it inside my lunch bag with some water and an afternoon snack. For bigger kids I simply turn this roll-up idea into a wrap.

And since I’ve added Libby’s vegetable cups, fruit and protein, this is one complete lunch that I feel really good about packing. I keep a variety of Libby’s vegetable cups in the pantry for quick lunches like this one. They also have single-serve cups in peas and carrots and green beans.

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